March 12, 2009


It's hard to believe that the Bug turned four yesterday. Wow.

We went to the Butterfly House yesterday for a special birthday treat. It was great fun. Four is looking like it will be full of fun and just a bit of frustration. Fun for both of us as she finds more things to do on her own and finds out more about who she is and what she likes. This can be frustrating for us both too but that is part of the growth. Her three biggest disappointments yesterday were that her party isn't until Friday, she couldn't suddenly read, and she is still just a tad too short to peddle her tricycle. Those last two she was certain would just magically happen when she turned four. It is great fun for me to see her blossoming into such a determined and independent child.


Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to the Bug! She'll meet all her 4 year old expectations and beat them before you know it :)

ariel said...

Hooray for Four!