March 17, 2009

March Socks

Done! For all who care they are toe up, short row heel with 1x1 ribbing on 1s. The Pattern was from More Sensational Knitted Socks, which I really like even more than her first book. The Stitch pattern is called Scrolls, but we are calling it flowing water. The yarn is Katia Caricia brought back from Spain by my mom.

They are my best fitting socks yet!

I have cast on for the April socks. I'm making Cookie A.'s German Stockings. This might actually be hard to get done by the end of April.


jcg said...

Very pretty!!! And I love the color.
The German stockings look like a real challenge. I can't wait to see them.

Womanji said...

Very Nice, way prettier than my February socks that just got done yesterday 3/30.