March 21, 2009


-A short overskirt of ruffle attached at the waistline of a jacket, blouse, or dress.
American Heritage Dictionary

I had never heard the word before this sweater.

Lovely picture with a shadow of Mr.Gnome's giant head. I think the sweater turned out great. It fits well, it is warm and soft and loverly. While I love the sweater and really did enjoy knitting it. The directions for the pattern were at times a touch confusing. I had to read a number of segments over again because they just didn't make sense the first few times. But other than that a fun and slightly challenging knit. The sweater is provisionally cast on then you knit up to the top then pick up that provision and knit the Peplum. The Peplum lovely arrows that are supposed to either indicate down or point out my butt, as if someone might miss it.

For the record Blogger spellcheck has never heard of peplum either.

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jcg said...

Very pretty and well done!