April 22, 2009

Crazy Times

For the past week we've had company. First my parents then Mr. Gnome's Parents. Everything has been crazy busy. We took them both to fun touristy stuff around St Louis. The Bug got to charm the pants off her grandparents. She's very good at the charming. It was great fun but now I'm looking forward to life at it's normal pace.
Last week I finished Oh Mickey and got a ribbon. The Bug Loves it. She wore it for three days straight until I declared it dirty and in need of a wash. It's superwash Merino, all's good. The ribbon helps hold it up, it's a wee bit to big, but I'm sure she'll grow into it.

I had mentioned before that I was going to change the pattern in order to avoid all the ends. The pattern has you end the color change at the bottom of the skirt. It would probably help to know that the skirt is made side ways, not around. Ending a color at the bottom made carrying the yarn impossible, or just icky looking, so she had you break the yarn for each color change. Uck! So I just knit back up to the top of the skirt and did an even number of rows instead. I think this used more yarn. It doesn't look any different and the only ends I wove in were the ends of the balls of yarn.

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Rebecca said...

Very cute! She looks pretty happy running around in it.