April 11, 2009

Knit a long fever!

I finally did a knit along with the the Fingerless Glove Fanatics group on Ravelry. I've wanted to so many times, but didn't have the yarn or the time or the money to get the yarn. This month was Sourwood Mountain Mitts I used the recommended Rowan Wool Cotton because I love the stuff. I made the small because that was my measured size but they turned out a wee bit too small. The color isn't really me either but I liked it for the pattern. I think they'll work great for my MIL. One Christmas present done! Oh and I went to the vintage consignment shop where I got the buttons for Textured to get the buttons for these again. This time I took The Bug with me. She had a blast; all those fancy dresses and sparkly jewelry.
Then I also joined the One Shawl to Rule Them All knit along on Ravelry. I'd seen this when they did the last one but was too late to join. It was a hard decision between the Elf shawl and the Dwarf Shawl. I like them both. But I had the yarn for the Dwarf Shawl and that was the deciding factor for me. It's hemp which is rather stiff and I think it makes it look like black chain mail knitting. Sort of.

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