April 6, 2009

Growing Pains

This past weekend I got to the toe on the German Stockings. I tried it on for the millionth time. Pulled at the leg. Lamented the gaping, the lack of pull on the cables. Sighed. And ripped it all out. In the past I would have left it alone, finished the second sock the same as the first and been disappointed with the results. I'd like to think that ripping it out to do again a size smaller is a sign of growth. If only I'd done it a week ago when I first knew deep down that it was too big. The odd thing about it being too big is that gauge was dead on.
I've started a different pair of socks for the April Sock. Can't quite face the German Stockings again right now. Besides I'd never finish it by the end of the month along with the other knit-alongs I've joined.
More on that later.

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