June 9, 2009

It's not me

When I finished the sixth repeat of AeRang I decided to do some math to make sure I'd have enough yarn for another repeat and the edging. After much math I came to the conclusion that, no, I would not have the yarn for the seventh repeat. Full of pride for thinking so far in advance I started the edging chart. It looked weird. Not at all good. Weird and wonky and, really should that be there? Then after working across the row there were too many stitches, or too few depending on your state of being. I did more math. There was no way the number of stitches in the edging repeat was going to go into the actual number of stitches on the needle. The stitches on the needle were in fact correct.
All of this took almost two nights and an entire page a paper. Finally I got online and looked on Ravelry. Everyone who's done this pattern says the edge repeat is screwed up. The designer says it's screwed up. All that patting myself on the back for thinking ahead about yarn quantity and I never checked to see how others and fared and rated this pattern. sigh
I am now doing the seventh repeat and have reworked the end half of the chart so there will be solid triangles like on the top and down the middle. In theory. I also do no know how big this shawl Should be. Bearing in mind that I'm working more repeats and using thicker yarn. A vague starting idea would be nice. That blob at the top is a little smaller than my lap. This may be a large shawl. Oh sweet mystery of knitting.

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