June 17, 2009

June Socks

The June Socks are finished. They seem so big. I really hope they fit my dad. The measurements are right. This was Opal Fantasie on size 1s toe up. The stripes don't match. When I split the ball I didn't realize how weird the striping was. Ah well. They are still pretty neat looking.
For July I will be doing some traveling socks. The Plan is to only knit on these socks in the car. We have a few long drives ahead of us and I'd like to believe I can finish at least one sock in the car. It started this past weekend when I rode with a friend and her two kids to Columbia MO for the MO La Leche League Conference. What you see is the toe and was knit on the way to Columbia. Coming home I had a migraine and couldn't knit.

1 comment:

jcg said...

They are neat looking. I can picture them on his feet.
Driving time is great knitting time (as long as you're not the one driving).