July 27, 2009

Big Bag

Before we left on our trip I finished the Laptop bag. The top here has so many mistakes it's crazy. Hopefully they aren't too obvious but if they are I'm not loosing sleep over it.
The back doesn't have nearly the mistakes that the front has. Ahh sweet repetition.
I bought this as a kit and ran out of yarn. You can see how the blues change better on the front. It goes light, medium, dark, medium light. Well part of the way through the second medium I ran out of that blue. I wanted this bag done before we left so I could use it so I just started the light blue early. I also ran out earlier than I would have even if I hadn't had to change to it early. Which is why there is that weird dark strip on the bottom of the bag.
The pattern called this to be knit in the round the steaked and the openings to be sewn shut. Now this means sewing two edges and steaking. I took the easy or you could even call it the chicken way out and just sewed up one side and put the zipper in on the long side of the knitting. This was a lot less work. Maybe I'm lazy, maybe I'm chicken whatever the bag is done. I'm not in love with it. I made a lot of mistakes and it's a little too big. It's not really I style I like either so that probably has something to do with it. It was a challenge and that's why I wanted to do it. I guess next time I should do something that's a challenge that I also really like.

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