August 15, 2009

And All

This summer has been so busy. I just haven't gotten to do as much of the little things I want to do. Such as the Blogging. Well here is what I've been knitting on.
The pattern for this mitten is Green Autumn. It's always weird when they name the pattern and include the color it just happened to be knit in. I guess this is Black Autumn. Which makes about as much sense really. It's from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008 and is a delightfully involved knit. Lots of fun cables and slipped stitches. After entering this project into Ravelry I see it is also called Druid Mitts. Which I don't get either.....

The German Stockings are coming along very well. And best of all FIT! I'll still need to add elastic to the top but that is more due to my lack of personal calf shaping not the pattern.

I've also restarted the Circular Jacket after getting most of the way through the Left side and realizing that while I was knitting the pattern for Medium it was coming out in Large. Ripped out and have cast on for Small, which, in theory, will give me a Medium.

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jcg said...

Looks good.
And I thought I was the Queen of Frogging.