August 7, 2009

August Socks

The August socks are Finished. Cauchy by Cookie A. I made these for Mr. Gnome. To make them wider I turned the ten stitch pattern repeat into 12 stitches. Just makes those little v things bigger. This is close to his favorite green in Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. I started them back in June since I needed a non-in the car sock to knit on. The first one was finished in Vermont at Mr. Gnome's parents house.
Yes, I know it is only August 7th. And I finished them a few days ago.
And have started on September's socks. I'm trying the German Stockings again. I may need all of the next two months, as some have pointed out just so I can almost finish, rip out and make an entirely different sock. ugh I hope that doesn't happen!

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