August 1, 2009

Swirls of Color

I've wanted to make the Noro Scarf for a while. It looked like so much fun despite being 1x1 ribbing. I love color changes and seeing how things will come together. While in Virginia I got two balls of Noro Kureyon on sale. It was only after getting this yarn that I looked at the pattern and saw it uses four balls, two in each color. On closer research through Ravelry I saw that four makes a very long scarf and that shorter ones had been made with two. But how short did I want it to be? Would this work? I couldn't stand the suspense and had to cast on just to find out if it would even work. I cast on 29 stitches, 10 less than called for and used size 9 needles, a size bigger than called for. Hoping these adjustments would make me a long enough scarf. It does fit me, a tad shorter than I like but definitely wearable. And I loved making it. Watching the colors mix around and the odd pooling of turquoise in the middle. Very fun indeed.

The Bug and I found this idea on Crafty Crow and just had to try it out yesterday. We made colored ice cubes in the muffin tin and dunked them into her already very dirty kiddie pool. Watching the colors swirl as the ice melted was mesmerizing. She had a great deal of fun "painting the water". I don't do a lot of pre-planned craft ideas with her. She seems to enjoy following her own creative avenues but this was just tons of fun.

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jcg said...

Scarf looks pretty and you finished it fast.
Looks like Lael is still enjoying summer.