August 3, 2009

Shorter Stripey Dress

I've been playing catchup with the blogging so much lately I haven't been writing about what I'm knitting while I'm knitting it. I don't do that much but I like to. When it's all finished I don't think about the trials and experiences I had while knitting the piece.
The top of this dress it Tahki Cotton Classic and I used size 2 needles. The top went pretty quick.
The bottom of the dress is Paton's Grace and Katia Capri, which are very similar yarns, and used a size 4 needle. The pattern calls for there to be three more strips, blue, purple, then blue again. While I was knitting the seemingly endless white stripe I brought it into knitting group. Quite a few people commented that I must be almost done since it looked the right length for my daughter. Now all I was thinking about was the pattern's three more stripes. I wasn't thinking about this is being the length of a dress that really should fit my child without her tripping all over it. I'm so glad those knitter said something; I honestly think I would have kept knitting. If I'd done that the dress would've been down to the floor on the Bug. Know I figure if the Bug grows upwards more than outwards I can just pull out that blue on the bottom and make another regular stripe.

Thank goodness for knitting group!

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