September 16, 2009

Stitch N Pitch

Monday was Sitch N Pitch. Mr Gnome came and we had a grand ole' time. Saw a real live home run; our team of course. And the Cardinals won!

I brought the back of my Sunrise Circle Jacket to knit on. We were sitting on the aisle and got to listen to all the people in the other section talk about how crazy it was to see all so many people knitting.
There was yarn and needle tossing to get rid of extra stuff. The venue people had to stop them after a while; what with the needle throwing.... The other sections wanted in on the yarn tossing. There are college age guys out there with black fun fur wondering what they should do with it. But then we all wonder what to do with fun fur.
My goodie bags.

1 comment:

ariel said...

What wouldn't a 20 something yo male wouldn't want fun fur, is more like it!