November 14, 2009

Mini Clapotis

The Bug has been begging for a shawl for the longest time. I've been intrigued by the infamous Clapotis, but didn't really think I'd wear it. My mother had given me some blue, pink, and purple yarn that was way more Bug than me. Thus I give you a Mini Clapotis; sized down for a four year old.
I've already forgotten what needle size I used and how many repeats I did. I made it more narrow than the pattern I know that. I knit to use up the yarn which is Mondial Ombre. The plan is for this to be a Chanukah gift for her. After knitting this I don't know what the big deal is about the Clapotis. Apparently people will make a bunch of them. Half way through I was pretty darn bored and can't imagine making another one. Guess that's just me.....

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