November 16, 2009

November Socks

Yesterday I got to wear my November socks!
The pattern is Rise and Shine the yarn is Mini Mochi. Mini Mochi is a single ply and rather splity. It didn't help that I chose to do the cables without a cable needle. Simple enough for this cabling but annoying with this yarn. I do prefer a cable needle in general. The yarn is also impossible to make a matching pair of socks. Fine by me but would drive the more anal insane. It very soft so nice to feel while knitting and so nice on my toes. The pattern was very simple and fun. I reversed the zig zag on the second sock. Not that it made much difference but I was so pleased with myself for remembering when I started the second sock that I went ahead with it. I always forget to reverse cables on the second sock or glove no matter how much I think I will while knitting the first.

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jcg said...

funky and pretty assymetry. Very cool.