November 17, 2009

Secret Foods

Last month The Bug and I listened to The Secret Garden. She loved it a lot. Now when we go to the Botanical Garden she pretends to be Mary and I'm supposed to be Dicken. I found the Secret Garden Cookbook at our library. Food is big deal in the story. The children begin eating more when they start playing outside. We made:
Dough Cakes, which is just a chunk of dough with some brown sugar and butter in the middle. Apparently it was quite the treat for the cottage folk of Victorian time. Dough was normal and if there was sugar around this was a treat they could easily make.

Cheese Muffins, which are a lot more like biscuits. Also a lot like a recipe I make that puts hot sauce on top before cooking and somehow isn't as dry as these.And finally glazed carrots, which are butter and sugar and carrots. Tasty and basic. In the back there I made some "Sausage" rolls from and old Vegetarian Times. Nice English meal.....sort of. Apparently carrots were quite common and used a lot even to add color to freshly churned butter.

We also made a Jam Rolly Polly Cake. You know, one of those cakes rolled up with the jam all spiraled in it. Well mine looked pretty darn ugly and I didn't take a picture. It was pretty good. Though the recipe called for suet, or butter. Silly me using margarine. Anyway Apparently (using that quite a bit today, one of those take a shot every time you read it sorts of things) they used to make this thing more like a pudding with the suet and boil it in cheese cloth then bake it. On that appetising thought I leave you.

Get used to these knit-less posts it's holiday knitting season!

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