December 29, 2009

Clue 1

So like I was saying I've joined a mystery shawl knit a long. Last night I finished Clue 1 and started on Clue 2. Half way through the first row of Clue 2 I thought, "Hey I should have taken a picture of my finished Clue 1 bit." So I give you Clue 1 + two rows of Clue 2.
This is a bit of challenge, lace being one of my weakest knitting skills. At least crazy involved lace and I've never worked with this many beads. There will be over 2500. The bead placement really slows things down but oh it is loverly! Mr. Gnome is working every night this week so I'm getting a lot done; Clue 2 was only posted on Saturday, I'm almost keeping up. After this week things go back to his usual two or three nights and I doubt I'll continue to keep up. I just can't knit lace when he's home. Ah well. It will get done when it gets done and I will enjoy doing every bit of it.

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