December 28, 2009

The Garland's True Home

The garland that had been holding up our holiday decorations is finally in its intended place.

This used four old sweaters from our closet and five sweaters from a thrift shop. The red one on the farther right here is from the closet I'd gotten it in a clothing exchange at an old job. It never fit me well and I never wore it much. The other red one is from Goodwill and that pattern was on the collar and sleeves of the sweater.

This stripey one was from goodwill and had been a short sleeve sweater. I don't really understand wool short sleeve sweaters. The one below it on the string is also from goodwill it had some simple gray and white color work on the sleeves and color that got lost in the felting.

This blue one with the beads had been mine and I had loved it to death. The colorwork and beads had been on the bottom and the sleeves.

The orange one was from goodwill and had cables. The cables turned into a nice texture when felted. There was also a black cardigan from my closet and a navy blue tweed sweater from good
will. And lastly, now this is confession time, I felted the sweater I made for Mr. Gnome oh so long ago. It was my first adult sweater and it looked like my first sweater. It didn't fit him well and every time he wore it all I saw were the mistakes. So if you can find pieces of a thick brownish greenish in the garland that is Mr. Gnome's sweater.


Rebecca said...

That looks really cool.

ariel said...

Wonderful garland!