December 8, 2009

Felt Garland

In continuation of my love for The Handmade Home I've been making the garland. Using sweaters from our closet and from Goodwill. The bug did some of the cutting of the shapes but she found cutting the thick felt to be a bit hard for her little hands. She has been helping me string the little squares.
We had decided not to attempt a tree this year because of a certain little kitten who climbs Everything. We had thought to just do some greenery on the mantle. Then I started this project and thought it would look quite nice instead.
This is just four of what will someday be more and will have a different home. Pictures to come of them in their permanent home.

Meanwhile Attica has found a wonderful place to sleep. Doesn't that look like the best place to take a nap; a big pile of wool.


Meghan said...

oh, i love this idea! must get my hands on that book!

Rebecca said...

That looks so cool! I'm kicking myself for all the sweater scraps I saved for years then threw away in a fit of de cluttering :(