May 27, 2010

Good Morning

This morning, like many mornings, The Bug was singing a song. Sometimes these songs are made sometimes not. They are always full out and before I've had my morning coffee. This morning it was a made up song. With a deep breath I told her to draw a picture of the scene she was singing about. She did with gusto not only did she get to illustrate her song it also resulted in a quieter more contemplative singing until I got enough coffee to cope with the day. One of my biggest struggles lately has been having the patience to find another outlet for her. This is patience with myself as much as anything. Above is her picture drawn with pastel crayons because of how they shimmer. She wanted me to write her song down; it's really hard to write with those crayons, not that my handwriting is anything normally.

Shiny Fairy
Dancing through the night
Then she meets a fairy
And then there is light.

She tells me the fairies are light fairies and when they get together they bring the morning. I think it's pretty awesome.


Rebecca said...

Like :)

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Jen said...

How beautiful! THAT'S why we love these little people