May 14, 2010

The Iris Mystery-Solved

We received these Iris bulbs a few years ago from a friend who got them from a neighbor. The last two summers leaves would come up but no buds. I had no idea what color they would be. This year when buds; lots and lots of buds appeared we were all full of anticipation to see what color they would bloom into. Irises can be any color and we've seen them all at our lovely botanical garden. Then shortly before leaving for Virginia a few opened up and there you go. Lovely white with just a hint of yellow inside. They are a nice bit of brightness in our backyard. Of course being Irises they'd mostly finished by the time I got back. It's nice to know, and now look forward, to that bit of spring brightness.

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Meghan said...

those look familiar. :0) we have more blooms this year than in years past.