May 11, 2010

The past continues

Apparently it is going to take 1-2 weeks to fix the camera. sigh. Luckily I'd taken all that time off from the blog but not so much from the camera. I'm not like Some people (you know who you are) who take lots of pictures daily but I do ok. So here is to the experiment of talking about non crafty things without getting too personal.I recently rearranged out basement and set up this old trunk as our puzzle table. I've wanted a puzzle table for a long long time. Like since I was a kid! Mr. Gnome (who is not the puzzle type and was being a nice dad and humoring the kid) and The Bug started a larger puzzle together. I will admit now that it hasn't been touched since. This was a few weeks ago. Need to get into a habit maybe... or something. Oh a bit about the trunk. We found it in the attic of our Vermont house it's really old and that is about all we know about it. Wish we knew more.

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Meghan said...

hey now - i resemble that remark!