August 29, 2010

All the Blues

The St Louis area LYSs had a yarn crawl about a month ago. I scored 12 balls of dollar yarn. Totally not my color as you may have guessed.
So you know what that means; dye it! First putting all 12 balls into skeins so the dye can get to all the yarnie bits better. My thought was a dark blue; I love dark blue.
The thing is it takes a lot of blue to get blue. This was after my first dye day, two bottles of McCormick's blue food coloring (they are small) and an entire thing of Wilton's Royal Blue. Also a few packets of Kool Aid Grape to darken things up a bit. As you can see not too blue.
This is the final after one more jar of Wilton's Royal Blue and a few more Kool Aid packets. Admittedly I spent as much on the food coloring as on the yarn; but still $24 for a sweater's worth of yarn is not bad at all.
It's not very solid I'm not even sure I'd call it mostly solid. A bit solid maybe. I do have plans for a sweater. I'm hoping it will work out.

1 comment:

Meghan said...

the end result is really pretty, but i must admit i do like the grey. :0)