August 23, 2010

Stitches Midwest....Or My Mom the Enabler

So a few months ago my mom was talking about wanting to go to a Stitches and how cool it would be to go to Stitches Midwest because it's in Chicago and I can drive their and meet her. Do you see the enabling? So long story short we went to Stitches last weekend!
We got up to Chicago early so we could enjoy some family sight seeing.
Then while mom and I had fun at the market The Bug and Mr. Gnome had fun at Legoland.
A great time was had by all. And some great knitting time.
My stash enhancement. You may notice, and if you don't I will tell you, this enhancement is smaller than the Maryland Sheep and Wool hall. There are two reasons for this. One is it was planned (darn budget); second Maryland Sheep and Wool was way more about Indy dyers while Stitches seemed to be more about retailers, the Indies were there and all but way fewer. Now each have their place but when I go to things like this I like to get things I can't get around town. A bit of explaining: The bug buttons are for The Bug's Sweater (theme? what theme) I'll be making her this year. The hat pattern goes with the yarn in front of it; it was in this clever booth where you pick you pattern then a neat chart tells you how much yarn. The Hiya Hiya needles were mostly so I could easily finish the Mythos Sweater. The silver thing is a shawl pin; while the brass thing is a stitch chaser that the artisan was making for anyone with a Ravelry pin.
Lastly there was a pajama party. 60 some knitters in the lobby of this fancy hotel in their pajamas hanging out and knitting. It was so cool! And, yes, a wee bit nerdy. The blue and pink yarn along with the pins were in the goody bag. The red yarn I won in the hand knit slippers contest. Won as in there were 11 of us and 9 prizes so you might also say I just wasn't one of the two losers.

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jcg said...

Why do I come off as the evil enabler in this story? hmmmm I don't recall it being entirely my idea to go to Chicago. I did have a good time. You got way prettier yarn in you goody bag. :( When do we do this again?