August 18, 2010

Midwest Surf Hoodie

Finally it is finished!
I do like it. It fits really well. So glad I thought to get rid of that pesky extra repeat. ahem.... It is a nice length on me this way.
It is remarkably warm for being fingering weight in lace. To review the pattern is Apres Surf Hoodie with Knit Picks Gloss on size 2s. I learned that when one does an I-cord bind off it should be very loose, very unlike an actual I-cord. Redoing the bottom bind off looser made all the difference.
Perhaps my biggest problem is that I don't surf; it would be rather hard to do so in this land locked state. Thus I don't need a sweater to wear after surfing. But I'm glad I have one just in case.


Meghan said...

cute! love the eggplant color.

Jen said...

so pretty! And it fits you perfectly...another point for the knitting goddess:-)