October 1, 2010

Fairy-Mermaid Bolero

Oh sweet fall when we can start layering with cute sweaters, how we love you so.
This sweater is the Mermaid Bolero. A....shall we say... Challengingly written pattern. A pattern to keep you on your toes, if you will. ahem.
The yarn is what we dyed for the Fairy Lights DAL back in June. The idea behind this DAL was the welcome fairies into the garden. Now mine turned out more fallish, so maybe more of a thanking the fairies for helping out in the garden? The bug loved the yarn from the beginning and I searched for something to make for her using this yarn.
A close up of the stitch patter and more interesting the yarn colors. I love how it has orange, and pink and green and purple all thrown together.
Oh and that cute skirt she's wearing. We picked that up at a dollar sale at a local used clothing place. It's an adult size skirt; 2 or 4, so small adult (ah I remember the days...sigh). I stuck some elastic through the waist band and bam a slightly flowey slightly long skirt for the kid.

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jcg said...

So cute! You are amazingly clever.