October 25, 2010

Halloween Feast

Halloween seems to be The Bug's favorite holiday. She talks about what she's going to be and checks out Halloween books from the library all year long. When Halloween finally comes along she gets so excited to see the decorations everywhere. Until she has to go near them. Then she totally looses it. This brave outgoing child who will talk to anyone, try anything (foods) is terrified of mechanical and even non-mechanical decorations. Someone in a spooky costume and you have a quivering girl shaped pile of jelly. Part of me thinks it's her overactive imagination and part of me thinks she gets herself so psyched up all year long that the real thing is too much to handle. When I stumbled upon Wing-It Vegan I new we had to have a Halloween feast. We made the Mummies and Ghosts, though my ghosts look a bit more like blob monsters which are still scary. The beans are worms, or grass....or something....
All day she has been asking me when we'd start dinner.
She didn't want ketchup eyes on her ghosts/blob monsters or mustard eyes on her mummies but she enjoyed putting them mine. Scary enough to eat!

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jcg said...

Those look like fun. And scarey.