October 28, 2010

Impulse and Cute

A few weeks ago during a moment of weakness I cast on for the Woodland Shawl (mine will be wider and possibly longer). I've wanted to make this for a long time and I finally got the yarn at Stitches. Oh I've been itching to start it. Notice I said a few weeks ago and it's only four inches long. It is low priority. There was the bug's sweater, then her costume (pictures soon), and of course the gray thing, then one or two holiday gifts I still need to make, and the left-over sock yarn blanket that only needs 62 more squares. And of course I've wanted to make these every year and never get around to it. And OH have you seen these! It may get done by spring...At least I'll have some lace for when the lace bug hits.

More interesting or at least cuter are pictures taken by Mr. Gnome of his girls in action.

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