October 15, 2010

Picking Up

This is the sweater I'm making The Bug. It really has come together fast. Until the other night when it was time to pick up the stitches for the button band. Then it all came to a grinding halt. It took the entire evening just to pick up the stitches in a way that didn't look horrible AND so there were an even number on both sides. Now I don't like picking up stitches in general but this was horrible. I can't really say why. Part of it is that it's knit up kind of loose, not too too loose just US8 on the body and 7 on the ribbing. But enough for holes to want to pop more where the 8s were used. Also the increases at the top didn't want to work with me.
Then the next night when all I had to do was knit the band and bind it off I didn't like the bind off. It was just too bind offy or something. Of course I didn't decide this until I was nearly done binding it all off. Ripped it all out and am now working doing a sewn bind off. I'm liking that a bit more.
Of course after all the picking up and ripping out it really needs to be blocked again. Ah well it's been too warm for a sweater anyway.

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