October 13, 2010


huh you can't see the sparkles. Trust me they are there. I'll try harder with the next pictures. The beginning of this was sock rough. For some reason I kept dropping stitches. And not the oh I just dropped a stitch. The oh crap I dropped a stitch rounds and rounds ago and now have to rip back to that point and this is lace every row and this is the fifth time this has happened and I keep missing the dang yarn overs and argh *massive ripping to ribbing after doing a good number of repeats*. It wasn't a pretty beginning. However after that possibly over the top ripping all went well. Of course there was the occasional missed YO but I'd get it the next time around not rounds and rounds later. I don't generally drop stitches and not notice; screw them up entirely and not notice, heck yeah! But drop them not usually my thing and I think that is what really threw me off. The second one has been started and so far *knock on wood* has been going quite well. Perhaps I can learn from my mistakes!

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