October 20, 2010

Ready for the cold!

We finished insulating the attic. It went pretty fast and all things considered it went pretty easily. We did follow the above gender rolls (can you tell that that person on the left looks like a woman and the person on the right, in the attic, looks like a man; apparently gay couples cannot insulate their attics, at least not without a wig). We can't wait until February to see what this does to our gas bill!
I also finished the Bug's sweater. This is Little Miss Green Jeans, the yarn is Maple Creek Farm I got it at Maryland Sheep and Wool. She's practicing her ballet here.
It fits great. I did make it a little longer than the pattern calls for and I'm glad I did. The orange is Oh so Bug.
The button band is looking great. These buttons I got at Stitches and they are just perfect! She's pointing to her favorite. There are three more for later use.


Meghan said...

congrats on completing the insulation! and the sweater is adorable.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sweater! She looks great in it.