October 22, 2010


Leg warmers for The Bug. This is the self striping yarn we made back in May. The theme that month had been a character. Naturally The Bug went with Fancy Nancy. She wanted big stripes and boy did she get big stripes.
There is half a ball left and I'm thinking fingerless gloves for the kid. We'll see since she usually looses them......
A note about Fancy Nancy. If you know me you know I grown every time the kid talks about being a princess and that I'm not all that Fancy. However I do like Fancy Nancy. I like that she makes herself fancy how she wants to be fancy. Fancy is gluing glitter or lace on discarded things. Fancy is dress up. Fancy is wanting things just so. Nothing wrong with knowing what you like and making (as apposed to buying, ahem, Eloise) things to be the way you like them.

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