November 1, 2010


Finally the long awaited day came! I was woken up by someone running through the house proclaiming the holiday.There was much excitement. She was so excited she ran from half the houses screaming in terror.
Kitty face. I found the ear pattern on ravelry but did it very differently then sewed the ears to a black headband.
She had the pants and the shirt we found at Goodwill. I knit her some playground mittens in black. We will be decorating them to be sparkly or something later this week so they can be her winter mittens. She does have a tail you just can't see it. It's another headband cut in half and stuffed with a giant pipe cleaner tied to yet another headband (it was a pack of three).
Then what is Halloween without a Jack-O-Lantern. This years is extra spooky with weird mismatched eyes and a mouth ready to eat any who come near.
The proud designer and carver or the pumpkin.

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