October 29, 2010


Today our playgroup had our annual Fall/Halloween party. After much discussion regarding Halloween costumes surviving playgrounds The Bug decided to dress as "something else". Initially the something else was Fancy Nancy; shocking I know. She went to her room to get dressed and the next thing I know she's a pumpkin. She has tan pants (the stem and vine) orange leggings over the pants, her orange Halloween shirt over a green long sleeve shirt, her yellow sweater and orange hat. Lucky for her she likes orange and has a lot of orange clothing. Then Mr. Gnome painted her nose green.Really this was all her idea. I'm quite proud of my creative little pumpkin. I love this picture.
Her Halloween shirt you ask? She made this at the beginning of the month and it's taken me this long to get a picture of it. Oh, she's worn it, she's also gotten it dirty before I get the camera out. A plain white shirt tye-dyed orange, not long enough as you can tell; she was excited. Then black fabric pen for the jack-o-lantern faces. I did one (can you guess which?) and she did the rest.

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jcg said...

Very cool!
She's amazing.