January 20, 2011


So remember how I said I wanted to do a dishcloth for every state Mr. Gnome and I have lived in together? Yeah, see how that was back in 2008 and this is the second state. This year to get more dishcloths (because I really could use some more and because there are so many cute ones out there) I have instigated a monthly dishcloth knit for myself. Sometime mid month The Bug will pull a piece of paper out of a bag and on it will be the next dishcloth. This month was "state" which keeps me making the states in order we lived in them. Connecticut. The first state we moved to. The first state I lived in without my parents near by. We lived in this state for a little over a year. We both feel that was long enough.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea. I could really use some more dishcloths too.