January 26, 2011

in the basket(s)

Totally inspired from SouleMama's post. Except for me we are talking baskets. Though this mostly stuff you've heard about. Not startitis here. I've been fighting it.....First off the sock basket, or the upstairs basket which is almost always a sock. I haven't shown off this basket yet; I got it from my mom for Chanukkah isn't it pretty! And of course the Angee sock; the second one if you want to keep track.
Second is the downstairs basket. This holds everything else; poor overwhelmed basket. On top you can see a commissioned bit of knitting. Won't bore you with golf covers. Under that you can see the sweater. And under all of that is the Forest Path Stole. Remember that thing?

And finally not really a basket but a bag is the scrap blanket. Slowly, slowly this thing is getting sewn together. The squares live in the bag. When I want a square I blindly reach in and grab one. Often if you are sitting next to me I will ask you to pull out a square; whether you want me to or not. All in the name of Random!

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