January 4, 2011


When all the layers were sewn together and the quilting was ready to commence I had to decide which squares to quilt. I didn't feel that every singe one needed it. So from each side and each corner The Bug and I tossed ten buttons across the surface.
Where each button landed I placed a safety pin to hold it all together and to mark which squares would be quilted. If a button landed in a plaid or otherwise printed square it was tossed again. If it landed in one where there was already a safety pin I put in a second to have to squares quilted in that square. A third time meant the button would be re-tossed. A lot of thinking for making something random but that's just the sort of person I am.
And here it is finished!
The back is two sheets cut and sewn. You can see here how very lumpy and not squared it truly is. sigh....
Attica approves.


Meghan said...

impressive! it is HUGE!

R said...

It's Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Love the rainbow of colors!!