January 5, 2011

Wanderin' Around

Back in September; at least I think it was in September, something like that, an idea struck me. It struck me so hard I had to frantically wind up a ball of yarn before we left the house. Now for some time I've wanted to make a pair of socks where the cables were determined by some sort of outside force. Making it random without me having to think too hard about the random thus negating the randomness. I know I think way to hard about random. I like random. The thought that struck me an hour before we were all going to go somewhere (don't ask me where I'm not even sure of the month) was I could cable the turns we made on our outings. Cable Right for a right turn, Cable Left for a left turn. Brilliant!
Months later here is the first sock. It came inside only for the heal turn and the toe decrease. Now Obviously I'm talking about the outings in which it is all three of us and Mr. Gnome is driving. I'm not that crazy.
Yes, we fall into the sexist rolls of Mr. Gnome driving when we are both going to be in the car. It's his only time in a car and it keeps him in practice. And it lets me knit.

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