January 12, 2011

Third time's the charm

or so they say. And you know how I feel about They.
This is the ripping out of the sock for the second time. The first was because I needed to go down a needle size. No big deal it happens I'd only done about 12 rounds. But I was at the library when I came to this realization. The Bug can spend an untested amount of time at the library. I usually knit and people watch during all of this.
This second time of ripping was because I was looking at the pattern and noticed something about ribbing and a ribbing chart (it's Cookie A.; charts for everything). Ah yes ribbing, it is a sock isn't it.... For some reason I went straight from casting on to the setup chart. Now I've done the ribbing, the setup chart, the two and a half repeats of the leg chart and the heel turn. All is going well.

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