February 28, 2011


Banana French Toast for breakfast. Didn't think to take a picture until the leftovers were tucked away.
Cleaned out the pantry. Maybe this time I'll keep it organized......
Started the toe of the second sock. And plunged into some long awaited sewing. No picture of that sorry.
A performance, it involved her waking up and putting to bed the babies. I'm not sure what the string around the jars was for.
Spinning while listening to Farm Boy.
Veggie extravaganza for dinner. Looking forward to when more than half the potatoes and half the lettuce is local.
Completed with peach cobbler and ice cream. We're down to one more bag of frozen peaches and half a bag of watermelon. Oh sweet summer we are looking forward to you!
I love knowing that this was a productive day for all.

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