March 2, 2011

Popping of Green Things

The Daffodils, the Garlic, the Chives and now these socks are all popping out; or for the socks off the needles.

The first pattern in the first shipment for the first Cookie A. Sock Club. Wow.
The yarn is String Theory Caper Socks a yummy Merino, Cashmere, Nylon blend. Squishy in the hank, squishy on the needles and heavenly on the feet. The pattern was a lot of fun and very fast. When I first got the patterns, before I'd seen and held the yarn, I thought I wanted to do the second sock in the packet. Then the yarn came and told me it wanted to be the first. Mr. Gnome said the yarn should be for him; green and brown are his colors. But alas both the patterns in the packet were just too lacy for a man. The tragedy.....I will just have to wear these socks and think of him.

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