March 30, 2011

Bring on the Spring!

Ah the search for the perfect bag. It's a woman's life long endeavor. Partially because of the thrill of the hunt and partially because life is ever changing. This is a very modified version of the Belt Bag from One Yard Wonders. When I first set out to make this bag I didn't realize that Belt Bag meant Fanny Pack. I don't know what I was thinking. It really wasn't obvious from the picture. I thought it just used a belt for the strap or something. Nope Fanny Pack. Now call it what you will but a Fanny Pack is never ok. Really just isn't. I know lets stick a bulging thing on where we already bulge the most. So I got rid of the belt straps and stuck on a shoulder strap. OK so maybe it's not very modified but it's importantly modified. Anti-Fanny Packed if you will.
Cute little inside shot. Isn't the fabric fun! Found the peace sign stuff at a store locally and the polka dot stuff online. I only had half a yarn of each. But together that's a full yard. I can do math! Now let's see if my mother calls me a nerd like the last time I did math on the blog.

The simple straps are also the perfect place for all of my pins. I like my pins. I sometimes wonder if people read them. It would explain some of the weird looks I get....


Meghan said...

well, look at you! i am impressed.

R said...

Me too! Very cool and it looks complicated :)