March 24, 2011

The Madness Round 2

So I was getting ready for a post on Monday trying to get a good picture and having a tough time and then WAM we got the pattern for round 2 of Sock Madness. Well everything went out the window after that. Then two and a half days later at 9:30 last night I finished. I will be going on to round 3 with time to spare. Woo!
The picture taken last night. So hard to get a good picture at such an hour.
The picture today. Cloudy and unspring like temperatures not making for a much better picture.
The funky bottom of the sock. Up close of the leg.
The pattern is called Nornir and is designed to prevent pooling in yarns that want to pool. Now I don't think this yarn would have pooled and I really don't mind pooling. I like to get all Rourschak about the blobs. But that's just me. It did make for a neat stitch pattern and texture. It also makes for a dense fabric and it also takes two rounds to really get a round done with all the slipping of stitches.
Woo I met my personal goal of getting into the third round. Wow. Now what? Do I adjust my goal? Or do I just ride the wave?
I'm not very good at riding waves.

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Meghan said...

these look more like bug socks than mrs. gnome socks. :0)