March 25, 2011

So like I was saying.....

I was trying to get a decent picture when the Sock Madness pattern came out. Don't ask my why I couldn't/can't get a good picture of these placemats. I don't know why. I can't even tell you why they don't look right, which is probably part of the problem. Anyway. Placemats. Springy Placemats.

Four of Springy Placemats. I started these a year ago. They got put aside by priority and fear of machine quilting. I know I stink at sewing straight, and cutting straight and drawing straight and so on. The quilting in a ditch and keeping in the ditch made me nervous. Also the cutting four rectangles for the middle and for the backs that were the same and squared made me nervous. I have since embraced the imperfections...or at least embraced the idea of embracing the imperfections.

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