April 11, 2011

The Madness Round 3

Round three came out Friday evening and I finished yesterday evening; just under 48hrs. The first person on my team to finish. Which could just be everyone else having a life. Regardless I am proud and pleased. And the socks! Oh sweet lovely cables. Oh sweet lovely yarn. Part of Sock Madness is one has to do the cast on, heel and bind off that the pattern calls for. All three of these things were new to me this round. Judy's Magic Cast on is really neat and I will totally be using that for a toe up cast on again. The heel I'm not to sure about. It used increases to create the gusset then short rows to bring the stitches back down. The heel is a bit tight and kid of hard to get on. Oddly the socks fit great once I give them the tug over my heel. The bind off is Jenny's super stretchy bind off and I'm not sure about it. It is supper stretchy but I don't really like the look of it. The yarn is Miss Bab's Navy. It is the perfect shade of Navy Blue. Dark yet almost jewel like. I saw this yarn at Maryland Sheep and Wool but didn't get it. I thought about this yarn for months until Stitches where I finally succumbed. Lovely and it does great with cables.

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