April 12, 2011

Some FOs

These were finished last week. Without a photographer (aka Mr. Gnome) and getting ready for More Madness they just got put away without proper documentation.
First off Goodale. I did the extra rows my math told me I could and used every bit of yarn. The yarn is Fairyhare a merino/angora blend I picked up when the store was closing. Oh so soft and loverly. And Warm! The sweater is a tad shorter than I'd like but wearable. The pockets are cute and fun and will be used. I do love pockets.Then there is the experiment. Finished and awaiting the heat of summer. It actually was about that hot this weekend. But my brain was in Sock Madness Mode and I didn't think to try them out. They say it's the best thing because wool wicks the sweat away. But you know how I trust the "They".

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