April 5, 2011

Now What?

Now that I've finished the sock scraps blanket I have to figure out what to do with the rest of the left over sock yarn. Oh there is more and more coming! Another blanket? Well that's kind of boring now isn't it. I'm going to try out short socks in the summer. All summer my poor socks sit in a bag unworn. I only wear short socks in the summer, when I wear socks at all. Usually just when I'll be walking and need to wear sneakers. Thus these short socks. Will they be too warm? That is the question. I will make these, wear them this summer and report back. As far as the use of leftover sock yarn I'm doing as I did before. One ball at a time, when I run out I start the next. Now this means doing two at a time, pulling from the outside and inside of one ball. And that means socks on circs. I know the horror! I started doing them on two circs and that was HORRIBLE! Oh the things swinging all over the place and the tangling ugh. No. So I switched to magic loop on one. It's a bit "too short", which really just means I have less annoying loops hanging out and I'm fine with that. In all it was easy to figure out but I really still prefer DPNs.

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