April 7, 2011

The Other Thing....

about just saying one feels like knitting lace is that on occasion I'm not the only person home at night. Well yes there is the bug, but she's in bed. I'm talking about those rare nights when Mr. Gnome is home. Four nights last week to be precise. And despite my reaching a point in the Percy Shawl where it was feeling fairly intuitive, even the purl sides, I just kept messing up. Haven't messed up since; hadn't messed up before. Well not much. Not multiple times in a row. Really I just can't knit lace when Mr. Gnome is home. I need to accept it. So I did. Naturally this meant I just had to cast on for something I could knit with him home. Oh sweet cables you are my constant. I show you Jaali. Well take two on Jaali since gauge is a fickle mistress.

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