April 7, 2011

Strollin' on Bye

OK so yes, to posts in one day. But HOPEFULLY there will be a new pattern for Sock Madness tomorrow and then you won't here from me for a few days. And if you are on Ravelry you have to check out the Sock Madness group specifically the Team Eight Socks a Week thread's last few pages of posts. These people are hilarious and awesome!

For the past few weeks The Bug has been walking to the library then riding home in the stroller after ballet. Last week we decided to take the plunge and leave the stroller at home. Last week I also forgot the camera and kicked myself the entire walk. So lets just pretend this was last week or that this was our first long walk without the stroller.
Stick dragging; something she's enjoyed doing from the stroller for years and has apparently not lost it's charm.

Independence abounds.

But still holding tight.
Walking high. Also something she'd jump out of the stroller to do.
And probably her favorite part: picking a bouquet on the way home.

Negatives to the no stroller:
I have to carry the library books on my back
I can't power walk for added exercise (though put this with the above and maybe it all evens out)
No quiet time listening to a podcast
My baby growing up

Pluses to the no stroller:
No stroller (duh)
Sharing walking with my daughter
My baby growing up

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ariel said...

I think the world must be completley new to them after they leave the stroller. So many more things to see, explore, etc. Congrats on a very grown up daughter :)